Vic Berger Airhorn

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“Here’s my pledge to you. I will stand by Vic Berger, a man of integrity. Vic is a man who speaks his mind and minds his…[Pause.] manners. And I say it’s about time we raise our proverbial airhorns and make a joyful sound for Vic! Airhorns of, say, about 4 or 5 inches, airhorns that are easy to hide from your father and which have a surprisingly loud sound given their small size! So blow your horns, America! Blow ‘em for Vic! [Screaming, sweating:] Airhorns for Vic! Airhorns for America!

[Silence. Cough.]

Please clap.”

—John Ellis "Jeb!" Bush, Sr.

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Airhorn features: 115 dB of sound, 1.4 oz, loud enough to be heard 1 mile, non-flammable, ozone safe, USCG certified, up to 70 blasts.