Shredder Bo & Her Stone Dawgs in: Edible Quest

01-1602-ME $10.00
Weed? A skateboarding dog who shreds portals through space and time? An evil wizard hell-bent on turning weed into poop? CBD? Hacking into Teslas? Weed? 3D-printed food? Weed? A showdown between a filing cabinet and a butt hole?! WEED?!
If this sounds like nothing you've ever heard of then you're in luck! All you need to do is purchase this book to learn more! Read the tale of Shredder Bo, the world champion skateboarder and her gang of good-natured pals: Lil Midi, Cabinit Dewitt, and Will. They're out to stop Heshan, and his gang The Bad Smells from transforming weed into deduckerdy. You will also learn some handy information about edibles so that you can be more informed about reality, because this isn't some He-Man/She-Ra game, this is real life Illuminati tactics presented in abstracted fashions for fans of weed magic and clean napkins.
44 pages color.
Written, and illustrated by  Zach Moldof (author of the world's first cannabis news column)