Short Sleeve Random Tee

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"Oh my god John got his message on the super deluxe drawsta shirt! we should get one too and see if we can get our message on there!"

Some people say that hidden messages have gone out of fashion. That's why we rigged up this slick little ditty that let's you walk around wearing a funny drawing of a strange globular man on a unicorn bike. "OH HEY NICE TO MEET YOU I LOVE GLOB MAN STUFF TOO! HERE LET ME SHOW YOU MY PHOTOS OF GLOB MAN STUFF!" "OH LOOK AT MY STUFF NEXT I LOVE UNICORN BIKE!"
But WE know this is no glob man on a bicycle shirt. This glob man is just a secret code, and when you use the decoder app from Drawsta you can see the TRUE MESSAGE! THAT'S RIGHT KUSH DADDIES, THIS IS WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. 

When viewed using the Drawsta app IPHONE ONLY don't worry we're woking on Androids too!. Drawsta’s Random bike design features an ever-changing display of Cat Frazier’s (@ItsAnimatedText) 3D gif art. We’ll be adding new designs all the time, so keep checking back to see what your magic tote has to say.