Joanne Nail Art

01-1571-ME $15.00

Hello, commoners! I know many of you look at me and think, “I wish I could have that level of glamour in my own life.” As a philanthropic wealthy Caucasian woman, I’ve heard your cries and want to help. I’ve created this exclusive, couture nail art kit just for you. The adhesive design features my gorgeous face on a pale pink background inspired my own sensuous lips. Now your nails will look great doing everything from throwing LaCroix in a rival’s face to cashing a wealthy ex-husband’s check. You’re welcome! 

Included in Pack:

  • 20 salon-quality nail wraps - of various sizing for great fit & flexibility. Use the extras as accent nails, or share with your bestie.
  • Mini nail file - so you can place the self-adhesive wraps and file off the excess.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions - you'll be done in minutes! See: How To Apply Nail Wraps

**Product will ship out 2/15/18. Please allow 3-4 days once shipped.