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Extremely Good Shit Notebook

Maybe you have found yourself reading Extremely Good Shit and thinking, “Wow, this Shit is indeed Extremely Good, but I need some space of my own to write a haiku about Mykki Blanco and some Brandon Wardell vore slashfic.” And that’s fair. That’s why this handsome little notebook exists. It features a black cover with super fancy gold lettering and a bookmark so you won’t lose your place when doodling Molly Soda fanart all over the margins, you little artiste

Must ye not forget that there is a hidden pocket in the back, too. For here you'll hide your REALLY Extremely Good Sh*t secrets and notes.

Now available for pre-order, product ships 4/26/17.

Extremely Good Shit Notebook Extremely Good Shit Notebook Extremely Good Shit Notebook
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