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Airhorn Pin
Vic Berger x Stugazi

Show your patriotism with a sparkling, 1 1/4-inch airhorn-shaped enamel pin that sums up the most absurd presidential election of our lifetimes in four simple words: Jeb! is a MESS.

Limited run of 500 pins. All proceeds will go to

Ships in late June.

Make yourself familiar:
Airhorn Pin Airhorn Pin Airhorn Pin
Vic Berger
Concept by
Vic Berger
Vic Berger is a video editor based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania who works for Super Deluxe. The New Yorker described his distinctly surreal style of political satire as “vital and funny.”
Concept by
Stugazi aka Stuart Matz is a designer in New York City whose clever pins, stickers, and T-shirts have been featured in NYLON, GQ, and Complex.
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